Welcome to the registration for the 2023 FLIGHTKEYS, SPACEKEYS & SKYKEYS User Group Meeting
Our fifth UGM will be another exciting event! We will provide updates on our state of the art FLIGHTKEYS 5D flight management and SPACEKEYS RAIM prediction solutions. We will provide you with the latest on Loretta functionality and in flight testing. We will give you details on our sustainability research projects and how we will incorporate our findings in our products. You will see and hear great guest speakers from StorkJet, DTN weather and Break Through Energy. Last, but not least, as usual there will be time to relax and have fun – this year at a rotating restaurant at 450 AGL in the evening of day one, a round through the most complete collection of Austrian contemporary paintings at the “Leopold Museum” on day two and as always ending the meeting with a get together in our office @ MaHü!

We hope to see you at our 2023 UGM on the 28th and 29th of June in Vienna!

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FLIGHTKEYS - an Austrian-based global flight planning service provider - has been founded in April 2015 by a team of passionate and high profile aviation experts with very specific knowledge and long-term experience in the field of flight planning & optimization:
"Our mission is to completely re-write the science of flight management for the 21st century by precisely meeting the emerging requirements of cost-optimized airline operations, trajectory-based operations and reduction of emissions. Our research takes place in a corporate climate that promotes innovation, continuous search for excellence and ensures we have fun in what we are doing. Our focus is on affordable, user-friendly systems that provide the ultimate level of cost optimization and integrate seamlessly into future airline operations and ATM systems. FLIGHTKEYS 5D - as the only 21st century flight management system - will balance airline network throughput, greenhouse gas emissions and safety in the most cost-efficient way and covers a scope far beyond any solution currently available on the market. By improving communication and collaboration amongst stakeholders in the aviation industry it will lead to a smarter and more productive use of aircraft and airspace. Our vision is now swiftly taking shape in an unprecedented clean-sheet development approach with a fast-growing team of top software developers and aviation experts. So watch us closely, or feel free to invite us to present our new 5D solution."

million trajectories
flightplans daily
Software Builds


Having developed flight planning systems for more than 30 years, the FLIGHTKEYS team has what it needs to tackle all challenges of current trajectory management, in-flight watch and the complex requirements on flight planning systems. We believe that features like fully automated cost driven route optimization, correct application of the cost index concept, management by exception, fuel tankering, EDTO, Terrain avoidance scenarios, precise enroute charges computation, tailored NOTAM and weather briefings, consideration of weather hazards, and more are basic features and do not have to be explained in detail. FLIGHTKEYS 5D is extending these standard features with probabilistic (the 5fth) dimensions, environmental sustainability functions and enhanced in-flight trajectory management and drives basic capabilities even further.
  • 5D Multiverse (Probabilistic Dimension)
  • Multi-Dimensional All-In-One Trajectory Generator
  • Full Flight Dynamics
  • Alert-Resolution Driven
  • Network and Traffic Awareness
  • Web-based, Cloud and Mobile
  • Tight ATM System Integration
  • Dynamic Airport Suitability Checking
  • In-Flight Trajectory Management
  • 5D Analytics Module
  • Flight Lifecycle Traceability
  • Advanced APM integration
  • FIXM 4.0 Ready
  • Flexible Planning And Fuel Policy


We are continuously building up a creative and motivated team of developers, testers, engineers and system experts
and if you would like to participate in creating, supporting and delivering solutions for mission critical systems and
work for customers around the world, we would be excited to hear from you.

& App Specialist

The requirements are:

  • This position covers a wide field of duties, from DevOps engineering duties to airline software operations and support
  • Experience in setting up and maintaining complex, 24/7 mission critical software
  • Willingness to work in 24/7 shifts
  • Eagerness to acquire aviation application and process know-how
  • Passion for delivering outstanding customer support
  • Talent for troubleshooting and debugging
  • Fluent business English language skills
  • Strong in communication and task management
  • Experience in SQL and maintaining database systems
  • Basic knowledge with common Linux distributions
  • Nice to have: Programming skills and/or Experience with micro service architectures (Docker/Kubernetes)
  • Nice to have: Experience with Amazon AWS cloud deployment or similar commercial cloud vendor

What we offer:

  • Warm and friendly work environment
  • Superb infrastructure
  • Working in a global environment for global customers
  • Opportunity to travel to customers around the world
  • Opportunity to grow with us and expand your skillset
  • Flexible roster planning incl. flexitime
  • Salary: 40,000 - 60,000 EUR per year (depending on your experience, attractive shift compensation will be paid extra)
  • Contract Type: Full-time / permanent position

Software Test
Automation Engineer

The requirements are:

  • Minimum 4 years of experience as a test automation engineer
  • API and UI testing (Selenium, JUNIT, …) + Java development skills
  • Ability to understand our technology stack (Rest, Microservices, Kubernetes, Angular, …)
  • Fluent business English language skills & Computer literate
  • Keen eye for detail and good problem solving skills
  • Good team player
  • Nice to have: Aviation Knowledge/Background
  • Nice to have: Security Testing Know-how

What we offer:

  • Warm and friendly work environment
  • Superb infrastructure
  • Working in a global environment for global customers
  • Opportunity to travel to customers around the world
  • Opportunity to grow with us and expand your skillset
  • Salary: 50,000 - 60,000 EUR per year, depending on experience
  • Contract Type: Full-time / permanent position
  • Location: Vienna, Austria


We are always looking for talented people who are:

  • team players
  • passionate about aviation and technology
  • like to learn from each other
  • love what they do
Please send your application to: jobs@flightkeys.com